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112: illusionist Andrey Safronov was hospitalized

39-year-old illusionist Andrei Safronov was hospitalized in Moscow.

Previously, the presenter turned to a medical institution after suffering a coronavirus.

According to the 112 Telegram channel, the man complains of heart rhythm disturbances, anxiety, weakness and poor sleep.

Safronov is currently under medical supervision.

Earlier, Andrei Safronov's brother, who is also an illusionist, Sergei stated that he had cancer of the lymphatic system. He said that it was difficult for him to cope with the consequences of chemotherapy: after the droppers, the sensations were like a severe hangover - he felt sick, dizzy, it was difficult to stand on his feet.

Sergei Safronov worked for TNT in the show "Battle of Psychics", but he was fired after a scandal with bribes. The TV presenter himself called the charges against him fabricated.

112: illusionist Andrey Safronov was hospitalized