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'Social Media Causes Stars to Worry': Interviews with Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson

The romantic comedy The First Man I Meet was released in Russian cinemas. It is about a popular singer who accepts a marriage proposal from an unfamiliar fan. Ahead of the premiere, the film's stars - Jennifer Lopez, Maluma and Owen Wilson - talked about filming, turning points in life and the difficulties of famous people in the digital age.

Jennifer Lopez

— You played the role of pop diva Kat Valdez in "First Man You Meet". What do you see this heroine?

- For me, Kat Valdez is a self-confident singer who created herself. We can say that she is a veteran of the music industry. In general, she is satisfied with herself, but in her personal life she does not feel fulfilled. And from the moment Charlie (Owen Wilson's character -) appears next to her, Kat's ideas begin to change - about life and herself. At some point, she realizes that all this fame has ultimately become a trap for her. For a long time it seemed to her that she only knew how to perform on stage. And that the everyday joys of life that ordinary people have are simply inaccessible to her. Charlie shows her that this is not so, that she has the hope of finding true love. Gives her a home and a family she never had.

- There are many songs from your new repertoire in the picture. What was it like working on an album and a movie at the same time? And which song is your favourite?

Oh, this is the first time I've had this experience. It was very exciting. Two favorite things in one. During filming, I had to take into account how this or that song would fit into a certain moment of the film in order to emphasize the mood. To make it look realistic and convincing, we chose our own music for each story arc. Perhaps, I knew the character of my heroine better than anyone, so I understood in what order the songs should be distributed. This has become my favorite part of the process. Maluma also did a great job with two amazing tracks, "1 en 1 million" and "Segundo".

As for my favorite song, it is difficult for me to answer this question. Of course, "Love of My Life" and "Marry Me" are very close to me. But, perhaps, I would choose "On my way" - it reflects my own path the most. I think this song will find a great response among the listeners, because each of us has something to regret in life. And yet, the mistakes we made eventually point us to the right path.

- This is not the first time you have acted in rom-coms. What do you like most about this genre?

— Rom-coms have a special place in my heart, and I do often act in them. In addition, I often go to such films as a spectator. You know, I grew up watching romantic comedies starring Meg Ryan and Julia Roberts...

If we talk about how I choose scenarios, then first of all I pay attention to the interaction of the characters. If we are talking about rom-coms, then, of course, everyone understands that sooner or later the characters in love will converge, that is, it is difficult to bring something fundamentally new to the genre. And in this light, the most important thing is how the very process of developing their relationship will be shown - this should be interesting. By the way, another romantic comedy with my participation should be released this year - Jason Moore's My Pirate Wedding.

- "First Man" - perhaps the perfect movie for Valentine's Day. What does this holiday mean to you?

For me, Valentine's Day is an occasion to be with your loved one together. In a place far from prying eyes, paparazzi. Where we could talk about love and life - in a word, fully enjoy each other's company.

- The life of celebrities - including personal - is constantly in sight. How can the pressure be dealt with then?

- Tabloids, and now social networks, are a source of anxiety for any public person (laughs). My character Kat, in front of everyone, was going through a breakup with her loved one. And when such complex things happen in your life that fall into the lenses of cameras, there is no doubt that soon everyone will discuss it. I wouldn't want anyone to be in a situation like Kat's. Dealing with social media pressure is hard.

Maluma and Owen Wilson

— Musician Bastian and math teacher Charlie form a love triangle with Kat. What do you like the most about your characters? And how believable is this story?

Owen Wilson: My character Charlie is an ordinary guy, a man of the people. Bastian, on the other hand, is a sensation in the world of music and the fiancé of Cat Valdez. According to the plot, my hero is brought to their concert - and suddenly he becomes a contender for the heart of the main character. Such a leap into the unknown... Of course, the situation seems incredible. So you think: “Oh, nothing will work.” But in the end, it becomes easy for you to identify yourself with the characters, to live important moments with them. And that makes the story believable.Maluma: This is my first film experience and I really enjoyed it. Moreover, in this case, I also managed to write the music for the film.

I think Bastian is kind of like me. We both like to write music, give concerts, go on tour. However, otherwise... In my opinion, he is not the most pleasant guy. At least for the reason that on the eve of the wedding he cheated on the bride with an assistant. At this particular moment, Bastian and I disagree: I consider his act disgusting.

What was it like working with Jennifer Lopez?

Maluma: We were comfortable working together. Frankly, I was a little nervous, but Jennifer always cheered me up, helped me a lot with many useful tips. And I am also grateful to Owen, his support meant a lot to me. In general, I am very glad that our teamwork was a success.

Wilson: With Jennifer, it was very easy for me. Perhaps because it was she who had the most responsibility ... But we didn’t have to worry too much.

Owen, did Jennifer and Maluma ask you to sing anything for the film?

Wilson: I didn't contribute to the soundtracks, but I did try to sing one time. Our producer later said that I had broken three recorders. Apparently I'm not a singer after all (laughs).

- Maluma, why did you decide not only to play one of the main roles, but also to become the author of the music for the film?

Maluma: First of all, I really love this business. After all, I have been writing songs and performing for almost 10 years. I also wanted to bring Latin American culture to the film. After all, our music is rarely heard in the movies. And - since I have Colombian roots - I really wanted the notes of national music to be reflected in these songs. I think they will find a special response in the hearts of my compatriots.

- Owen, Charlie and Kat are very different people in character and lifestyle, but they are still together. So opposites attract?

Wilson: Opposites are a loose concept. From the outside it may seem that people are different, but in spirit, sense of humor and other parameters they can have a lot in common. And so it happens that these more important qualities come to the fore, overlapping the differences between you. This is the secret of mutual attraction.

Was there a time in your life when you dared to risk everything?

Wilson: I haven't studied acting, but I've always loved movies. And then one day my friend and I came up with a film - and at his insistence I had to play the main role in it. Although I did not believe then that I would act. After all, for me, the boys from Dallas, to talk about the dream of becoming an actor then was crazy. Well, who doesn't dream (laughs)? But it was then that my desire for a career in cinema, the desire to live a life different from many, made me dare and take risks.

Maluma: I've always been a great American football player. My parents, family and friends thought that I would become an athlete. But at the age of 16, I took the risk of recording my own song, because since childhood I was fond of music. Perhaps then I was running fast and showing promise as an athlete, but just one trip to the recording studio was enough to understand that I want to connect my life with art. When I told my father that I was going to be an artist, he was furious. “Are you seriously going to become a world famous Latin American musician? But what about college? I thought you were going to be a doctor,” he said. In the end, I had to make him believe in me that I could achieve this. Since this all started.


In the center of the plot of the rom-com "First Passer" - pop star Kat (Lopez), preparing for the wedding with her lover and colleague Bastian (Maluma), which should take place at a large-scale concert. However, literally a few minutes before the joyful event, the girl finds out that the guy cheated on her. In shock, Kat sees a stranger (Wilson) in the crowd of fans who happened to be at her concert and makes a crazy decision - to marry him.

'Social Media Causes Stars to Worry': Interviews with Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson