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Sber showed record profit for 2021

The past 2021 was a successful year for Sberbank. Thanks to the growth of the Russian economy and the consumer activity of the population, Sberbank issued a record amount of loans over the year - more than 20 trillion rubles. Sber's net profit in 2021 grew 1.7 times to a record RUB 1.2 trillion, while the return on equity was 25%.

Simultaneously with the financial business, Sber actively developed its ecosystem of non-financial services, which now includes more than 65 companies. As a result, in almost a year, Sber was able to gain almost 4.25 million SberPrime subscribers, a subscription that provides preferential terms for using Sber services.

“Sber manages to maintain a clear drive in its business model. This is very important in today's economy. Record profits in 2021 will result in record dividend payments to the Russian budget. At the same time, Sberbank performs a very significant social function in terms of the availability of financial services such as consumer lending, including mortgages,” said Professor, Head of the Department of Financial Markets of the Russian Economic University. G.V. Plekhanov Konstantin Ordov.

At the same time, according to Ordov, Sber is a headliner not only in the Russian financial market, but also in the market for digital projects and ecosystems.

“It is very important to see not only today's successes, but the opening prospect of conquering part of the digital world of the future. We come across the services of companies that are part of the Sbera group much more often than many of us think. Food and medicine delivery, taxis, entertainment are the attributes of a modern comfortable and safe life that the company of the new digital economy, Sber, is integrating into its ecosystem,” Ordov said.

Associate Professor of the Department of World Finance of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Lazar Badalov, commenting on information about Sberbank's record profits, separately noted a profitability indicator of 25%.

“This is one of the highest ROE in the global banking industry. Of course, this result is facilitated by a significant position in the banking market, but it should be noted that this is not the only factor that allows you to get high profits. Sberbank was able to turn into a major player in the IT sector, as modern technologies not only help reduce costs, but also make the bank's services more in demand. For example, now the bank already has more than 73 users of the SberBank Online service, and the bank itself, thanks to this, occupies the main share in the card transfer market,” he noted.

According to Badalov, Sberbank attracts not only customers, but also investors who are ready to buy its shares and bonds. Moreover, if bonds guarantee only interest income, then with the help of shares, investors can count on dividend payments and growth in securities quotes.

“Sberbank shares in 2021 started at 280 rubles, and at the peak they reached 380 rubles,” Badalov said.

Associate Professor of the Faculty of Economics and Management of the Moscow Regional Branch of the RANEPA Mikhail Perelman noted that Sber exceeded the expectations of experts.

“Sber demonstrated excellent results, which not only meet the expectations of experts, but even slightly exceeded them. We can say that last year was very successful for the bank. And in general, this is a positive signal, reflecting the recovery of the Russian economy and consumer activity of the population, as well as the revival of corporate lending, as evidenced by the record volume of loans issued - more than 20 trillion rubles, ”Perelman said.

Sber showed record profit for 2021