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Russia - UN experts recognized Moscow as the best metropolis in the world in terms of infrastructure development

Russia (, - The UN recognized Moscow as the best metropolis in the world in two indicators at once - "development of infrastructure" and "quality of life". These are the preliminary data of the rating of the organization "Prosperity Index of cities", published in the framework of the UN-Habitat program. The full version will appear on March 31.

In terms of infrastructure development, Moscow ranked first with 83.2 points, London's score was 75.9, and Paris' score was 76.3. Moscow also leads in terms of quality of life, scoring 68.3 points against 61.59 for the British capital and 57.16 for the French capital. In general, in this rating, Moscow took third place out of 29 megacities in the world. The first went to Singapore, and the second to Canada's Toronto.

“The recognition of our city as a world leader in the quality of life and infrastructure development is a fair assessment of the huge positive changes taking place in Moscow,” commented Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin on his personal blog. “The UN-Habitat index does not give Moscow any formal advantages, but helps to break down stereotypes and proves that we are on the right track.And it will also become a good argument in the competitive struggle between the largest metropolitan areas of the world.For example, in the near future, the city that will host the World Expo 2030 should be determined. "is one of the candidate cities. And the recognition of our achievements by the UN will undoubtedly help win the fight for the right to host the largest forum of achievements in science, technology and culture on our planet."

The Urban Prosperity Index is a comprehensive tool for assessing and monitoring the level of prosperity and balance in the development of the world's cities. It was developed by UN-Habitat, the United Nations Human Settlements Program founded in 1978 to coordinate global efforts for sustainable urban development.

Within its framework, experts analyzed the performance of 50 largest cities in the world, as a result, the final rating included 29 megacities: Bangkok, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Delhi, Jakarta and others.

They were assessed on such indicators of development as the productivity of the economy; infrastructure development; the quality of life; equality and social inclusion; environmental sustainability; administration and legislation. The degree of balance between these indicators was also taken into account.

Let me remind you that the Index was first published in 2015. Then its release was suspended, and studies on the development of individual cities were published based on its methodology. In 2022, the Index is launched again, it is published on the website.

Russia - UN experts recognized Moscow as the best metropolis in the world in terms of infrastructure development