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Russia - The highest salaries in Moscow

Russia (, - One of the highest salaries - up to 600 thousand rubles a month - in February in Moscow is offered to the marketing director. These are the results of a survey by the service commissioned by TASS.

According to the authors of the study, the candidate's responsibilities include organizing marketing in all areas, recruiting personnel and contractors, developing a marketing strategy, testing, including personnel, creating landing pages, launching an educational platform, and promoting products.

High, but almost half the salary (up to 300 thousand rubles) is offered to a programmer in a company that produces women's shoes and accessories. The duties of an employee include setting up databases, automating business processes of retail sales and an online store, setting up product promotion algorithms, automating recruitment and other duties.

According to, a tire fitter can also receive a salary of up to 290 thousand rubles, up to 250 thousand - an estimator in a housing improvement company, from 230 thousand - a SAP SRM consultant in the Sber ecosystem. They are ready to pay from 200 thousand rubles to the nanny of a 7-month-old boy, who will provide full care for the child, as well as organize developmental classes. Also, an Internet marketer can receive from 200 thousand rubles.

Russia - The highest salaries in Moscow