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Russia - The companies called the optimal number of days to work remotely

Russia (, - Most companies plan to use a hybrid work schedule (part of the time remotely, part in the office) in 2022. At the same time, the most desirable schedule is 2-3 working days from home, and the rest - from the office (results of a study by Logitech and the NAFI Analytical Center).

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only triggered an emergency digitization of businesses, but also brought with it a set of new attitudes and habits.

The vast majority of companies (94 percent) organized remote work for their employees. And until today, 89 percent of employers have left part of their employees on a remote job.

The first condition for remote work is a set of equipment: a laptop or personal computer with a headset and a webcam, as well as a printer or scanner.

According to the results of the study, employees of every second company use corporate and personal computer equipment in a hybrid work format (57 percent). 4 out of 10 companies fully provide their employees with equipment (36 percent), and in 7 percent of companies, employees use only personal equipment.

If at the beginning of the pandemic, due to new forms of work, 82 percent of companies felt a decrease in productivity, then later the productivity of employees increased, say 60 percent of companies.

86 percent of companies plan to use a hybrid format in 2022, that is, combine remote work from the office. Employees, according to their leaders, consider the most desirable format to work 2-3 days from home and 4-5 days from the office.

73 percent of company representatives hope that the combination of telecommuting and office work will optimize jobs and reduce costs.

Business continues to digitize. The share of companies with a basic and medium level of digitalization has grown to 89 percent over the past two years. Meetings and negotiations have moved to the electronic environment - using video conferencing (VCS).

According to the participants of the study, the possibility of remote negotiation significantly saves money on transport (91 percent) and time of employees (86 percent), as well as improves internal corporate communications (75 percent). Small business representatives are less likely to agree with this.

Russia - The companies called the optimal number of days to work remotely