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Russia - The Economist advised pensioners to quit at the end of the month

Russia (, - The pension of working pensioners is not indexed annually. When the pensioner finishes work, he can count on the recalculation of the pension, taking into account indexation. According to Larisa Sorokina, Associate Professor of the PFUR Faculty of Economics, Candidate of Economics Larisa Sorokina, it is best for retirees to quit their jobs at the end of the month.

She explains that the Russian Pension Fund receives monthly information about employees from the employer. At the same time, lists of employees are transmitted at the end of each calendar month by the 15th day of the next month. And it does not matter one day or a full month a person worked.

For example, in one case, a person quits on March 1, and in the second - on March 31. "In both the first and second situations, the FIU will receive information in April about the fact of this person's work. And only in April this employee will not be on the list of employed persons. The FIU will receive a report for April in May," Sorokina explained to the Prime agency. In June, a decision will be made on the indexation of pensions, and in July the indexation itself will be carried out. The surcharge will be calculated from April, when the pensioner has already become considered unemployed. And if a pensioner quits on February 28, indexation of his pension will be made in June, and the calculation of the additional payment will be made from March.

According to the economist, it is better to quit at the end of the month. In this case, you can also receive a salary for a full month worked.

Formerly Associate Professor of Russian University of Economics. GV Plekhanova, Candidate of Economic Sciences Farida Mirzabalaeva told Rossiyskaya Gazeta how to get a lump sum payment from pension savings. A one-time payment is made at the expense of pension savings formed in favor of the insured person. Persons who have not acquired the right to receive a funded pension, as well as persons whose funded pension would have amounted to 5 percent or less in relation to the total amount of the old-age insurance pension and funded pension, are entitled to receive a lump-sum payment.

Russia - The Economist advised pensioners to quit at the end of the month