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Russia - Moscow Exchange has suspended trading

Russia (, - The Moscow Exchange on February 24 at 7.52 Moscow time announced the suspension of trading. "Trading in all markets has been suspended. The resumption will be announced later," the exchange said in a statement.

As follows from the data on the website of the exchange, trading in the ruble, shares and futures has been suspended, the reason being that the quotes have “rested” against the boundaries established by the exchange. Before the suspension of trading, the dollar exchange rate on the exchange stalled above 84 rubles, the euro exchange rate - above 95 rubles, the Moscow Exchange index fell by 11% - to 2700 points.

The reason for the active sale in the currency and stock markets of Russia was the announcement of the start of a military special operation in the Donbass, announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Early in the morning, before the start of trading on the Moscow Exchange, the president announced in a televised address that after the DPR and LPR applied for military assistance, Russia would provide it to them to protect citizens.

Russia - Moscow Exchange has suspended trading