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China asks US for Guantanamo prison

The Chinese leadership has demanded that the United States immediately close the infamous Guantanamo and similar secret prisons.

Beijing's statement came amid regular US accusations against China of human rights violations in the predominantly Muslim Xinjiang. Washington joined the demands of human rights activists to liquidate the so-called. “re-education camps” set up for Uighurs and other Muslim peoples. At the same time, the United States imposed sanctions against some Chinese officials and organizations. The United States imposed sanctions.

The PRC authorities, for their part, pointed out to the United States about the inadmissibility of the existence of facilities like the Guantanamo prison, where prisoners are tortured.

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said in a statement that Washington should immediately close the prison and bring to justice those responsible for the abuse of prisoners.

The diplomat added that the American secret prisons operating in different parts of the globe are "just the tip of the iceberg" and constantly remind the world community of the Americans' crimes in the field of human rights.

China asks US for Guantanamo prison