Russia - Digital Legal Aid Centers Open in Three More Cities

Russia (, - Branches of the Center for Legal Assistance to Citizens in the Digital Environment opened in St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Novosibirsk. So far, they, like in Moscow, work exclusively offline, but they are considering the possibility of accepting applications online as well.

“We decided to open three branches in different regions of the country in order to make our assistance more accessible and efficient. Expert services are in demand among the population, especially services for representing the interests of victims in courts,” Lyudmila Kurovskaya, director of the Center, said in an interview with TASS.

As Kurovskaya noted, victims of the activities of microfinance organizations or telephone fraud do not always turn to the police with a statement about the deception event that has occurred. "It happens that a criminal case is not initiated at the request of the victim," Lyudmila Kurovskaya said. "Our experts are trying to change this situation." They provide victims with free legal assistance. The expert also clarified that legal assistance is available to residents of other regions of the country in a remote format. All services are also provided free of charge.

So far, the opening of three branches is a pilot project. After analyzing their work, during the year a decision will be made on the reasonableness of opening similar branches in other cities and federal districts of the country.


The Center for Legal Assistance in the Digital Environment to Protect the Interests of Citizens began operating in September 2021 in Moscow. More than 400 people applied to it. Most applicants complain about fraud.

Russia - Digital Legal Aid Centers Open in Three More Cities