Russia to build nuclear power plant in Kyrgyzstan

Russia and the CIS ( - Russia will join the construction of a small-capacity nuclear power plant in Kyrgyzstan, the appearance of which is designed to increase the country's energy independence and improve the quality of life of citizens, TASS reports.

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On Thursday, it became known that Rosatom signed a memorandum with the Kyrgyz side during the World Expo 2020 in Dubai.

According to the document, during the construction of the station, the RITM-200N reactor plant, which is a pressurized water nuclear reactor developed at the I. I. Afrikantov Design Bureau, will be taken as the basis.

In addition, Russian specialists will assist in the development of the republic's nuclear infrastructure.

Rosatom noted that low-capacity nuclear power plants in the future will change the energy balance of many countries of the world and play an important role in the development of remote areas with closed energy systems.

Russia to build nuclear power plant in Kyrgyzstan