London may send fighter jets and ships to Southeast Europe

The Times has released an op-ed by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying that the British government is exploring the possibility of sending Typhoon fighter jets and warships to South East Europe to protect NATO allies.

The prime minister's material notes that the UK will reinforce a NATO multinational battalion under British command in Estonia.

Johnson also announced his intention to strengthen the Joint Expeditionary Force, a British-led formation that includes units from ten Scandinavian and northern European countries.

The possibility of using RAF Typhoon fighters and Royal Navy ships is being considered. Johnson pointed out that the increase in capacity is connected with the allegedly planned Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In recent months, statements have been made in the West and Ukraine in particular about Russia's allegedly impending "invasion" of Ukraine. In turn, the Kremlin has more than once directly denied any plans for an attack.

The head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov, said that he did not see "momentary" military threats from Russia. According to him, "sooner or later" the alleged invasion of Ukraine may happen, but there is no "momentary risk." He also said that the likelihood of an escalation around the country could be assessed as low.

London may send fighter jets and ships to Southeast Europe