The US Embassy in Ukraine may move

The US Embassy in Kiev may move to the west of Ukraine due to concerns about a possible escalation in the country. The BuzzFeed portal writes about this, citing informed sources.

According to them, the embassy has not yet made a decision, but at the same time “moving” to the western part of the state is “actively discussed”.

According to the portal, the United States State Department, in response to a request, stated that “at the moment there is nothing to report”, the embassy in the Ukrainian capital continues to provide most consular services.

Earlier, the US Embassy in Ukraine repeatedly called on compatriots to leave the country and published a road map with a list of countries to leave.

Before that, it became known that the State Department allowed some employees of the American embassy in Kiev and their families to leave Ukraine against the backdrop of a confrontation between Kiev and Moscow. As Chargé d'Affaires a.i. in Ukraine, Christina Quinn, explained, the staff was evacuated as a "precautionary measure."

In recent months, statements have been made in the West and Ukraine in particular about Russia's allegedly impending "invasion" of Ukraine. In turn, the Kremlin has more than once directly denied any plans for an attack.

The US Embassy in Ukraine may move