Russia - Covid quarantine canceled in Moscow schools and kindergartens

Russia (, - Rospotrebnadzor has canceled the mandatory quarantine for those who have been in contact with a coronavirus patient. In this regard, all classes in schools and groups in kindergartens that were under quarantine have already started or will start full-time education in the coming days. Mandatory isolation is maintained only if more than 20 percent of the class or group in the kindergarten fell ill at the same time.

The decision on the exact date of exit from the quarantine is taken by the schools themselves. They have the right to discuss this issue with the parent community. To school N56 named after academician V.A. Legasov's guys, for example, have already returned. As director Zhanna Sadovnikova said, if there are signs of SARS, students and employees are still not allowed into the school. And at the school, as well as in other educational institutions of the capital, sanitary safety measures are strictly observed. Temperature monitoring is carried out, several entrances to the building are used, thorough cleaning is carried out regularly with the use of detergents and disinfectants.

“In the premises, there are also dispensers with antiseptics for hand treatment and bactericidal lamps of a closed type for air disinfection, which are absolutely safe for children,” she said.

Yuri Varlamov, a law teacher at the Intellectual school, said that since the beginning of the school year, his students have gone into quarantine almost every month. “Sometimes information about the transfer of the class to distance appeared the night before. In such a mixed learning option, there was a lot of confusion. Each time before the lesson, you need to reconfigure the equipment: for a regular lesson, for accessing the Internet in Zoom or Teams,” he says. classes that, after quarantine was released a week later, again went to it because of another student who fell ill with coronavirus.

We are glad to cancel future quarantines and guys. Nikolai Kislitsyn, an eighth-grader of school N1253, said: "Quarantine is a transition to a distance learning format. It is convenient if you are sick yourself. If I had the opportunity, I would prefer to study at my desk and not get sick."

Russia - Covid quarantine canceled in Moscow schools and kindergartens