Deputy Zakuskin, who attacked a Chechen grandmother, complained about threats

Russia and the CIS ( - The head of the Meshchansky district of Moscow, Alexander Zakuskin, who found himself at the center of a scandal after an attack on a Chechen pensioner, complained of threats against him.

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The incident occurred the other day near the Moscow Cathedral Mosque. The deputy entered into a verbal skirmish with an elderly woman selling sausages. The man kicked the goods of a 68-year-old pensioner and threatened to deport her “to her homeland”. When the victim tried to show his passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, the aggressor sprayed pepper spray in her face. The woman was hospitalized with burns to her eyes.

The situation was taken under personal control by the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, who instructed his colleague, State Duma deputy from the republic, Adam Delimkhanov, to talk with Zakuskin in order to convey to him the position of the Chechen authorities, who consider such an attitude towards women unacceptable, regardless of their nationality and religious affiliation.

Soon an apology followed from Zakuskin. In a video message, he stated that his conflict with the pensioner had no ethnic background, but was of a domestic nature. Then the deputy complained to the police about the threats coming to him, the Baza Telegram channel reports.

Meanwhile, in Chechnya, they insist on initiating a criminal case against Zakuskin on the fact of intentionally causing minor bodily harm. Vice Speaker of the State Duma Pyotr Tolstoy, for his part, said that if information about the shameful act is confirmed, his United Russia colleague will be expelled from the party.

Deputy Zakuskin, who attacked a Chechen grandmother, complained about threats