Lukashenko: Russian troops will leave Belarus after exercises

The reasons for holding joint maneuvers "Allied Resolve-2022" and the timing of the return of Russian troops to their places of permanent deployment were discussed at a meeting on February 14 between Alexander Lukashenko and political figure of Ukraine Alexander Moroz, the press service of the President of the Republic of Belarus informs.

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Explaining the purpose and task of the exercises, the Belarusian leader made it clear that, firstly, they were planned in advance "in order to decide where to keep a small number of troops in connection with what is happening in Ukraine, from there there is a flow of weapons, the formation of camps, influx of saboteurs.

Therefore, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief explained, in Belarus they decided to strengthen the southern border of the republic. At the same time, he clarified, it is necessary to maintain good relations with the residents of the border area, who, under a simplified regime, crossed the Belarusian border during the mushroom and berry picking season. “I made a decision: we will conduct exercises and as a result we will determine in which areas we need to keep some armed forces,” the head of state said.

Later, he said, when a meeting with President Vladimir Putin took place, the leaders also agreed to hold a joint exercise. “After all, air defense is common, Russia gave us weapons, S-400s, Iskanders and other modern equipment so that we could study it,” Lukashenka clarified, indignantly rejecting accusations that the maneuvers were allegedly directed against Ukraine.

In this regard, he drew attention to the preparations of the Americans, who are sending thousands of soldiers to Poland and the Baltic states. “The British and other European countries are redeploying their armed forces. A reasonable question arises: when will you get them out of here? They don’t talk about it, but put pressure on us. We will withdraw when we decide to do this with the President of Russia, and when the exercises are over. we will make a decision: this is our territory," the Belarusian leader reasonably answered.

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Lukashenko: Russian troops will leave Belarus after exercises