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Well-fed rams became the main award of the Quran and azan recitation contest

Russia and the CIS ( - More than fifty people took part in the First Quran and Azan Recitation Contest, held yesterday in the prayer house of the city of Nazyvaevsk, Omsk region. The competition was attended by representatives of five western regions - Krutinsky, Isilkulsky, Tyukalinsky, Poltava and Nazyvaevsky - aged from 8 to 80 years.

“The competition was held in the children's and adult age categories, and it was attended by ordinary ordinary Muslims, not professional readers, but everyone,” Esbol Sagandykov, assistant to the mufti of the Spiritual Muslim Board of Omsk and the Omsk region, imam of the Khair Ihsan mosque, told – Among the participants there were even those who still do not perform namaz. But after the competition and vagazov-sermons, they all became eager to learn namaz, and each received teaching books as a gift. It took the jury members a whole day to listen to all the participants, interrupted only for prayers.

The winners in the nominations, who took the first places, received live rams as a prize.

For the second and third places, the participants were awarded with carpets, electric kettles, thermoses, aqua filters and other valuable gifts.

The competition was organized by the chief imam of the Nazyvaevsky district, Gusman Sagandykov. The jury members were Deputy Mufti Ermek Shakhmetov, Assistant Mufti Yesbol Sagandykov and Imam of Cherlak District Dinmukhamed Bekzhanov.

Information about the upcoming events was distributed at Juma prayers and through groups on social networks. According to Yesbol-hazrat, today he receives calls from villages in the western regions of the region during the day. People who learned about the competition after the fact are asked to inform the population in advance next time in order to also take part.

According to the results of the competition, the places were distributed as follows:

Adult group for reading the Koran: 1st place - Shaidullo Sharipov (Nazyvaevsk), 2nd place - Magomed Musoev (Krutinka), 3rd place - Zakaria Sabirov (Isilkul).

According to the azan: 1st place - Inoyatullo Makhmadulloev (Nazyvaevk), 2nd place - Mergen Gabbasov (Nazyvaevsky), 3rd place - Magomed Musoev (Krutinka village).

Children's group for reading the Koran: 1st place Aman Sergazin (Isilkul), 2nd place - Dmitry Kovalev (Nazyvaevsk), 3rd place - Valid Musaev (Krutinka).

According to the reading of the azan: 1st place - Madiyar Khusainov (Isilkul), 2nd place - Arman Bakulin (Nazyvaevk),

3rd place - Valid Musaev (Krutinka).

Well-fed rams became the main award of the Quran and azan recitation contest