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Russia - A mystical feature film will be filmed in the Crimean cave Tavrida

Russia (, - "Tavrida" will become a location for filming the full-length feature film "The Cave" by Crimean director Ivan Sherstnikov. According to the KFU press service, the film will be made in the fantasy drama genre.

The idea for the film came about when the director got acquainted with the story of the accidental discovery of the cave by the builders of the federal highway in 2018.

“When I found out that the cave had been clogged for a long time, and the remains were found there, I mystified this story and started writing the script,” Ivan Sherstnikov said. - The main character of the film is one of the best paleontologists in Russia, Irina Efremova, who works at a research institute and teaches at the institute.

Having learned from the discovery of the cave, the specialist goes to the peninsula. Here, in underground galleries, she collects the bones of prehistoric animals that lived on the peninsula for 1.8-1.5 million years. The study of one of the finds leads to an unexpected and dramatic development of events. How this "hello" from the past will turn out - the viewer will learn from the film.

As the director notes, despite the long elaboration of the idea, the script was written quite quickly - 90 pages of the script were ready in a month. The filming preparation stage lasted more than a year - during this time, the selection of artists took place. The main roles will be played by actors from Moscow and St. Petersburg. The episodes involve actors from the Sevastopol Academic Theatre. A. V. Lunacharsky and the Crimean Academic Russian Drama Theater. M. Gorky.

- Representatives of KFU very carefully approached the study of the script of the film, - Ivan Sherstnikov emphasized. - The staff of the university helped to edit the scientific part of the script in order to achieve maximum believability. Active assistance in the preparation of the film is provided by the Crimean speleologists. The actress who plays a paleontologist, although she is preparing for the role, cannot perform certain tasks correctly without the help of specialists - inspect the cave, work with the remains and special equipment. KFU specialists help with this.

The film is being shot to popularize the Crimea and the sights of the peninsula, as well as the development of cinema in the region. Filming will take place from March 28 to April 12, after which the editing and toning period will begin, which will take approximately three months.

Earlier, KFU announced the imminent opening of the cave for visitors. On the 500-meter route, 11 viewing points will be created, where tourists can better understand the nature of the formation of the cave and find out how the bones of ancient animals got there. Also, visitors will get acquainted with the minerals of the Crimea, and on the surface they will be able to buy souvenirs.

Russia - A mystical feature film will be filmed in the Crimean cave Tavrida