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Russia - Putin and Scholz started talks in the Kremlin

Russia (, - Much of Vladimir Putin's talks with Chancellor F. Olaf Scholz will focus on security issues. On Tuesday, February 15, the leaders met in the Kremlin.

"Undoubtedly, we will devote a significant part of our time to discussing the security situation in Europe and the discussions that are now so acute on this issue, including in connection with the events around Ukraine," the Russian President said at the beginning of the meeting.

Putin noted that it would be interesting and useful for him to hear the chancellor's assessments on these issues.

Olaf, in turn, said that he had just taken office and for him this is something special about the history of relations between Germany and Russia. "It is clear, of course, that now, at this time, when a difficult situation has arisen regarding peace and security in Europe, we must communicate, as you have already done with my French colleague, and I am glad that now this has become possible," he said. chancellor. He also emphasized the importance of always resolving relations between states through dialogue.

Russia - Putin and Scholz started talks in the Kremlin