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Putin explained the expansion of cooperation with the US and NATO

Russia stepped up its work with the US and NATO to ensure successful development and security without confrontation. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting of the Security Council.

“In recent months, at the end of last year, we have intensified our work with our main partners in Washington and NATO in order to finally agree on these security measures and ensure the country's peaceful and prosperous development in peaceful conditions. For us, this is the number one task - this is a priority for our country, not confrontation, but ensuring security and conditions for development, ”the head of state said on the air of the Rossiya 24 TV channel.

The President stressed that it is necessary to understand the realities in which we live.

The Russian Foreign Ministry published drafts of a treaty between Russia and the United States on security guarantees and an agreement on measures to ensure the security of the Russian Federation and NATO member states on December 17 last year. In the document, in particular, the parties undertake to eliminate all existing infrastructure for the deployment of nuclear weapons outside their territory, exercise restraint in military planning and not take actions that affect each other's security.

On January 26, the US and NATO handed over to Russia their written responses to Moscow's proposed security guarantees. In statements, they outlined their principles in negotiations with Moscow.

On February 1, US State Department spokesman Ned Price confirmed receipt of a response from Russia on security assurances.

Putin explained the expansion of cooperation with the US and NATO