Why the President of Moldova should resign:

Moldova ( - President Maia Sandu must resign, PSRM Executive Secretary Vlad Batrincha said at a protest rally organized on Friday in front of the Presidential Administration building. The vice-president of the Parliament said that Maia Sandu deceived the citizens and after coming to power, instead of freedom and a better life, she established dictatorship and censorship, brought the country to poverty and hunger.

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- On Easter Eve you preferred to come to the opposition with the prosecutors. Shame. You brought poverty and hunger. We came to say - shame. You promised a better life to pensioners, you lied to them. You promised village development programs, but in reality you want to close the mayor's offices. You are in this building because you promised freedom and democracy, but in reality you brought censorship and dictatorship,” the socialist said.

Batrincha recalled that instead of fulfilling promises to ensure fair justice, Maia Sandu chose to ally with those who stole the billion and pocket prosecutors.

The PSRM Executive Secretary criticized the government's decision to extend the state of emergency, which was taken to stop the protests.

- But they do not understand one thing, we are not afraid. No one will prevent us from going out on May 9, or to protests, or to the Prosecutor's Office and other state institutions subordinate to Maia Sandu. She divides the society, she is a threat and we must stop all these lawlessness, - said Batryncha.

The MP also criticized Sandu's statements regarding the St. George's Ribbon, which, according to the President, should be sent to the "dustbin of history."

- The authorities that restrict the freedom of people, prohibit mass events, prohibit freedom of expression and try to shut the mouth of every citizen should be thrown into the dump, - Vlad Batryncha emphasized.

The PSRM Executive Secretary reminded the President that "there is only one step from power to opposition."

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