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Hajj has become fertile ground for fraud in Russia

Every year, Muslims from all over the world make the Hajj - a pilgrimage to the holy places of Mecca, associated with the life of the Prophet Muhammad. Hajj is one of the pillars of Islam, but is obligatory only for wealthy Muslims. And as you know, where people have money, there are scammers who want to get it.

This year, a fraudulent scheme related to the pilgrimage was organized by one of the residents of Chechnya, Eurasia Daily reports, citing a law enforcement source.

The scammer acted on the principle of network marketing. He promised the Muslims that they would go on the hajj free of charge if they brought with them the inhabitants of the republic, who would pay money for the hajj. In particular, according to this scheme, the swindler recruited a resident of Gudermes. According to the agreement, the believer himself had to go on the hajj for free if he attracted fifty Muslims to the tour, who would contribute money at a predetermined cost.

A resident of Gudermes may have become a victim of his employer himself. The deceived assured that he sincerely believed in what he was imposing on his clients.

A similar incident occurred in Dagestan. There, the travel company "Marva-Tour" is engaged in sending pilgrims to the Hajj every year.

“The scammers pretended to be employees of the Marva Tour company and collected money from pilgrims. Upon learning of this, the company warned believers through the media that scammers from various social media accounts were sending offers to make a Hajj reservation and demanding that money be transferred to their personal cards for this. The company noted that none of the current employees sends messages to subscribers, does not provide bank cards for transferring funds. The company accepts funds only to the company's current account,” the police said.

Muftiates of Russia usually distribute vouchers for the Hajj. This year, the average price of such a tour was about 5.5 thousand dollars. Hajj trips are most popular among the Muslims of the North Caucasus.

According to Russian law enforcers, dubious travel agencies that send people on the Hajj have recently expanded their activities in the North Caucasus Federal District. In particular, such companies provide services at reduced prices, which most often entails the absence of the necessary conditions for a full-fledged pilgrimage.

Housing for pilgrims is located on the outskirts of Mecca, living conditions for living do not meet the required standards, a transfer is not provided, which forces believers to travel by taxi, which costs from 50 to 150 dollars one way. As a result, pilgrims, finding themselves in a hopeless situation, spend much larger sums than planned.

Hajj has become fertile ground for fraud in Russia