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Channel NTV Mir

The NTV television company is Russia's largest independent television company. The channel offers a wide range of information, educational and entertainment programs that can interest the widest range of viewers.

Due to various historical reasons, millions of Russian-speaking people are scattered all over the world. NTV Mir and NTV America are called upon to become for them a link with Russia, a source of information about events in their native country, whether it be Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, or any of the countries-republics of the former Soviet Union.

NTV seeks to interest the widest range of Russian-speaking viewers, regardless of where in they live and what generation they belong to. Representatives of the older generation, many of whom left their homes many years ago, still miss their homeland and follow the events taking place there with interest. Their children and grandchildren have more adapted to the new conditions, but they are also interested in preserving their linguistic roots and maintaining cultural ties with Russia.

--- Broadcasting parameters of the NTV Mir channel ---

Broadcast language (translation) : Russian

Broadcast format : MPEG-2

Satellite : Hot Bird-6/8/9

Frequency : 11034V 27500

FEC: 3/4

Website of the channel "NTV Mir" -

Channel NTV Mir