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Tehran says it needs to take control of Iran-Afghan border

Greater Middle East (, - The new Afghan authorities do not have enough forces at the border outposts, so Iran must unilaterally strengthen border security. This was announced today, August 29, by Iranian Special Representative in Afghanistan Hassan Kazemi Komi.

Tehran is concerned about the penetration of terrorist groups, including IS (an organization banned in the Russian Federation), through Afghanistan.

“America is still evil, one of our important tasks is to help Afghanistan move in the right direction so that it does not fall into a trap. Fortunately, ISIS has not been able to penetrate our borders,” Comey said, “but the threat has not disappeared. If they [the Afghan border troops] exist, they don't have special uniforms yet, and we must unilaterally maintain security to strengthen the borders. The sweeps in Afghanistan mean that terrorism is strong there and will move towards our borders.”

However, the Ministry of Defense of the "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan" (IEA, the self-name of the country from the Taliban) stated that there are already 450 posts equipped with advanced military equipment on the borders of Afghanistan with neighboring countries.

"We have eight border brigades, each with about 3,000 soldiers, and they are on duty," Defense Minister Mohammad Yaqub Mujahid said.

The representative of the President of Iran for Afghanistan also raised the issue of the legitimacy of the IEA government. He stated that Tehran will not recognize it until it is inclusive, that is, it represents the interests of all ethnic and political groups.

“The fight against terrorism depends on the formation of a strong and inclusive government in Afghanistan, only such a government can fight terrorism and carry out construction and development projects. Therefore, we have a desire to help Afghanistan move in this direction. Reconstruction are impossible without the help of the international community. Afghanistan must necessarily interact with the international community. This engagement is not possible unless Afghanistan fulfills the legitimate demands of the international community and forms a cooperative government,” Komi said.

As reported, the IEA authorities, which are represented by the leaders of the Taliban (an organization banned in the Russian Federation), already consider their government inclusive, but say they are not abandoning reforms. So far, no country has officially recognized the new Islamist government, but some states still interact with Kabul.

Tehran says it needs to take control of Iran-Afghan border