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The West planned an oil strike on Russia in December

Russia (, - For December and February, the West has outlined a single blow to Russian exports of oil products. Then the ban on the import of Russian raw materials and products to Europe will come into force, except for pipeline supplies and sales to Bulgaria. And the G7 also intends to set a price limit for countries that will continue to buy oil products from Russia during this period.

From December 5, the G7 plans to introduce a price limit for Russian oil, and from February 5 - for oil products. According to The Financial Times, the decision will be made today at a meeting of G7 finance ministers. The European Commission supported the proposals, but coordination with the EU countries is required.

Until now, the position of the main oil consumers in Asia, who take on the volumes that Europe is already refusing, remains unclear. China and India do not comment on the situation.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov told reporters that the market is destabilizing. Russia will not sell oil products to countries and companies that support the limit, the Kremlin spokesman repeated yesterday's statement by Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak.

"My friends and I have agreed to put a cap on the price of beer at our local pub. Actually we don't plan to drink beer there. The owner of the pub said that he would not sell beer to anyone who supported the limit. Therefore, other visitors who drink a lot say that they do not support the limit. Success!" Bloomberg columnist Javier Blas wrote on Twitter.

As reported by, the West itself may find itself in a price trap with the introduction of a limit on Russian oil products. Finam analyst Alexander Potavin noted that the price trap is fraught with risks that Russia may simply refuse to export oil at imposed low prices for some time, even to the detriment of its own income.

“In this case, an explosive rise in prices may occur on the world oil market - Brent quotes may soar in December to $ 120-130 per barrel,” the analyst noted.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that even OPEC+'s spare capacity is unable to compensate for Russian volumes.

The West planned an oil strike on Russia in December