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Erdogan: Turkey is seeking a meeting between Putin and Zelensky as soon as possible

Turkey (, - Turkey pursues an independent external course based on its national priorities and will not accept any external pressure. This was stated by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at a briefing for journalists following a government meeting today, September 26, in Ankara, Anadolu news agency reports.

According to him, Turkey's efforts in the foreign policy arena, including its role as a mediator between Russia and Ukraine, have received universal approval abroad.

Erdogan pointed out that Turkey continues the dialogue with both Russia and Ukraine, having achieved significant success in the diplomatic sphere. This was also manifested in the agreement on the “grain corridor” and the agreement on the exchange of prisoners, the head of state noted.

He thanked Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Zelensky for reaching an agreement on the exchange of prisoners.

“Turkey is in favor of organizing a meeting between the presidents of Russia and Ukraine and an early end to the war,” the Turkish leader emphasized.

The Turkish President further drew attention to the increased tension in the Eastern Mediterranean and "provocations in the region related to the actions of Greece."

“Neither military buildup nor political and economic support will turn Greece into a match for Turkey, but it is enough to drag Greece into the swamp of crisis. The buildup of military forces in various regions of Greece, more reminiscent of an occupation, should not worry Turkey, but the Greek people,” the head of the Republic of Turkey said.

Erdogan further warned Athens that Ankara, if necessary, is ready to use all available levers to protect its rights and interests in the region.

The Turkish President called Greece's steps a "dangerous game" for the people and state of the southern European country, as well as the "puppeteers" who control the politics of Athens.

Turkey has previously reported that Greece has deployed its armored vehicles to a number of islands in the Aegean Sea that have a demilitarized status under international agreements. The Greek Ambassador in Ankara was invited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where a note of protest was handed over to him. The note claims that the said deployment is a violation of Greece's treaty obligations arising from the Lausanne and Paris peace treaties of 1923 and 1947. Turkey calls on Greece to restore the non-military status of the islands. A similar note was handed to the US Embassy in Ankara and the relevant structures in Washington.

Erdogan: Turkey is seeking a meeting between Putin and Zelensky as soon as possible