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Ukraine demands more money from the EU

❗️Ukraine demands even more money from the EU

Kyiv insists on "more stable and predictable financial support." Indeed, at the moment, out of the promised 9 billion euros, the EU has provided Kyiv with only one billion, writes the Financial Times.

The Ukrainian government is asking for stable revenues in order to meet its budgetary obligations, including paying salaries.

“Of course, we want a more structured and more predictable process from the EU in terms of funding. This will also affect whether teachers, medical and social staff will receive a salary,” said Olga Stefanishina, Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration.

Ukraine expects to receive $38 billion in budgetary assistance from international partners in 2023.

However, the EU itself is wondering how to finance Ukraine in case of limiting its own national budgets.

Ukraine demands more money from the EU