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Poland and Germany demanded reparations from Russia for Ukraine

Russia (, - Russia "will be obliged" to pay reparations to Ukraine, Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau said on Tuesday, October 4, during a press conference following a meeting with German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock, the publication reports Handelsblatt.

“Berlin and Warsaw are unanimous in their opinion that (the Ukrainian conflict) should end with the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. In addition, the perpetrators of war crimes should be held accountable, and Russia should be ordered to pay reparations,” Rau argued.

It should be noted that the main topic of bilateral negotiations was Warsaw's demands for Germany to pay reparations for damage caused during the Second World War. On Monday, the head of the Polish Foreign Ministry signed a note to Germany with a claim for compensation of $ 1.3 trillion. However, during the visit, Burbock declared that Berlin's position was unchanged, emphasizing that she considered the issue of reparations "closed." In response, the Polish minister only expressed the hope that Germany's attitude "will change over time."

As the German media admit, in the context of ongoing tensions between Berlin and Warsaw, solidarity with Ukraine is "almost the only topic that allows us to talk about the commonality of the positions of the two states."

“There is nothing that could divide Poland and Germany in the issue of supporting Ukraine. Millions of people in this country now need us to be together. Together we will support Ukraine in the coming winter,” Burbock stressed.

The head of the German Foreign Ministry also noted that the European Union "will not leave unanswered" the entry of new subjects into the Russian Federation. “The EU is preparing the eighth package of sanctions, which should hit Russia’s oil revenues,” Burbock said, adding that she had discussed with Rau the issue of new restrictions. However, unlike her Polish counterpart, the German Foreign Minister did not threaten Moscow with "demands to pay reparations."

Poland and Germany demanded reparations from Russia for Ukraine