The KGB of Belarus denied information about the regime of the counter-terrorist operation

Belarus (, - In Belarus, the counter-terrorist operation regime was not introduced. This was announced today, October 14, in the State Security Committee of the country.

“An anti-terrorist operation has not been carried out on the territory of Belarus and is not currently being carried out. The information disseminated on the Internet is unreliable,” the Belarusian ministry said.

The KGB of Belarus emphasized that “the counter-terrorist operation is a special measure to suppress an act of terrorism, minimize its consequences, suppress the activities of a terrorist organization, an illegal armed group, carried out in order to protect the interests of the state, ensure the safety of citizens and organizations, and neutralize terrorists.”

“And according to the law of Belarus of January 3, 2002 No. 77-Z “On the fight against terrorism”, the CTO regime on the territory of the country is introduced by the State Security Committee. At present, planned training events are being held in the republic in order to maintain a high level of readiness of the subjects of the fight against terrorism to fulfill their intended tasks. An example of this is the tactical-special exercises of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that ended on October 12 in Yelsk, Gomel region, which took place in close cooperation with representatives of the power blocal authorities, ”the KGB of Belarus reported.

Recall that earlier in an interview with the Russian edition of Izvestia, Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei said that a counter-terrorist operation regime had been introduced in the country. He later stated that his phrase was taken out of context and replicated by the media.

The KGB of Belarus denied information about the regime of the counter-terrorist operation