Scholz's offender leaves Berlin with a clear conscience

Ukraine (, - Former Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk announced that he was leaving Berlin. “I return home with my head held high, with a clear conscience and a sense of accomplishment for Ukraine,” the infamous diplomat tweeted on the night of October 14. At the same time, he thanked "dear German friends" for their patience, Deutsche Welle reports.

Oleksiy Makeev will replace Andriy Melnyk as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Germany. He is due to take up duty on October 15.

Melnyk has served as Kyiv envoy to Berlin since January 2015. In early July, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree dismissing him. According to the newspaper Die Welt, the former ambassador should take a new post in the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

The ex-head of the Ukrainian diplomatic mission in Germany repeatedly and sharply criticized German politicians for their slowness in the issue of arms supplies to Kyiv. He repeatedly blamed ex-Chancellor Angela Merkel and former Foreign Minister, now German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier for the fact that, in his opinion, it was their “appeasement policy” towards Moscow that contributed to the Ukrainian crisis.

Melnik's sharp attacks, including against the acting Chancellor Olaf Scholz, caused a very mixed reaction in Germany, Deutsche Welle notes.

In August, Melnik asked for a private audience with Scholz to apologize to him. He also urged Germany to support the ban on the issuance of tourist visas to Russians, recalls DW.

The antics of the already former ambassador to Germany, Melnik, reached the point that on May 3 he called Scholz "offended liver sausage" (beleidigte Leberwurst). The German chancellor received a scolding from the ambassador because of his unwillingness to visit Kyiv. Scholz himself later refused to comment on the public statement addressed to him, but the insulting comparison outraged the Germans.

Scholz's offender leaves Berlin with a clear conscience