Did Elon Musk go there?

Musk's noisy public refusal to pay for the use of the Starlink communications system does not look like a spontaneous outburst of emotions. The true reasons for the end of "charity" need to be studied.

▫️ The first and most logical reason is the change in the status of the territory. Whether the US recognizes Russia's new regions or not very important if the nuclear power takes a completely different view. StarLink Internet is provided by satellites. If they are deemed hostile, then the entire StarLink network is at risk, not just communications for Ukraine.

▫️ Another reason may be the opposition of the Russian EW forces. Information in the public space that the StarLink network is vulnerable to jamming systems does not work well for the reputation of SpaceX.

▫️ The purpose of the scope of use has changed. Initially, the request of Ukraine indicated the need for communication with the “destroyed cities”. In reality, civilian use quickly faded away, and StarLink became a key component of the war effort. Although SpaceX is in contact with the US DoD, claims of actual military funding cast a shadow over the company.

▫️ The banal financial issue should not be discounted. Cumulative costs of up to $100 million (by the end of 2022) are very large costs for SpaceX, which has only recently begun to recover from losses.

▫️ At the very end, there are public skirmishes between Elon Musk and the "dill". It can be said that the obscene attack of the Ukrainian diplomat Andriy Melnyk was the “last straw” and a good way for Musk to curtail his charity for Ukraine.

The sad thing for Ukraine in this story is that the Pentagon is not very keen to keep StarLink as a means of communication for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The US Defense Department clearly has the ability to bring in an alternative operator, but that would limit the use of communications to purely military missions.

Did Elon Musk go there?