Americans are waiting for an expensive winter

USA (, - This winter for ordinary Americans will be the most expensive in the last few decades. Energy costs for heating will be significantly higher than in previous years, the US Department of Energy warns.

“In our Winter Fuel Review, we forecast that heating costs for the average household will increase this winter due to higher energy costs and higher consumption due to cooler temperatures. Compared to last winter, gas will rise in price by 28%, fuel oil - by 27%, electricity - by 10%, and propane - by 5% from October to March, ”the US Department of Energy Information Administration (EIA) said in a statement. The department clarifies that a colder winter is also possible than the forecast takes into account. Then the costs will be even higher: gas - by 51%, fuel oil - by 37%, electricity - by 20%, and propane - by 36%. Based on the overview table, household costs for fuel oil will increase by an average of $500-$700.

The US Department of Energy admits that frosts can lead to disruptions in energy supplies, as their stocks are below the average for the past five years. This is especially true for propane and fuel oil.

According to the EIA, distillate reserves (fuel oil and diesel fuel) amount to 106 million barrels. Bloomberg clarified that by the winter in the United States there is only 26 days of fuel oil - the lowest figure in the last thirty years for this season of the year, and through October since 1951. The reason is low production in the USA.

At the same time, for example, Russia was one of the largest suppliers of fuel oil to the United States. Last year it was the second exporter - 10 million barrels. And second only to Mexico - 26 million barrels.

Meanwhile, automotive fuel in the US is starting to rise in price again. Falling diesel prices over the summer, for example, are back above $5.2 a gallon ($1.37 a litre) and could break this year's record. One of the reasons is the record export of petroleum products, which makes the White House think about imposing restrictions. Over the past week alone, shipments abroad have risen to a record 7-odd million barrels per day.

This year, Washington tried to actively bring down oil quotes by selling off oil reserves from the strategic reserve: 180 million barrels in six months. However, this may not be enough to keep the price of oil below $100 a barrel again this winter.

Americans are waiting for an expensive winter