Xi Jinping called for the need to improve mechanisms to combat sanctions

Asia ( - China needs to improve its anti-sanction mechanisms as well as its national security system, said Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and President Xi Jinping, speaking at the 20th Congress of the CPC on behalf of China today, October 16. Central Committee of the Party of the 19th convocation, RIA Novosti reports.

"It is necessary to improve the mechanisms for dealing with sanctions, outside interference and extraterritorial jurisdiction," Xi Jinping said.

The head of state also noted the need to improve the national security system, to form a “comprehensive and effective defense system” for the country.

The 20th Congress of the CPC is being held in Beijing from October 16 to 22, and is attended by nearly 2,300 delegates from all over the country, representing over 96.5 million party members. The congress will sum up the five-year work of the CPC, outline the goals that the party and the country will strive to achieve in the next five years, consider amendments to the party charter, and also elect a new composition of the Central Committee and the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

After the closing of the congress, the first plenum of the 20th CPC Central Committee is to be held, which will appoint the top leadership of the party - members of the Politburo and the Standing Committee of the Politburo. Observers believe that current CCP Secretary General Xi Jinping will remain in office for a third term.

Xi Jinping called for the need to improve mechanisms to combat sanctions