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“To a quieter place” — every fifth Pole thinks to leave the country

Poland (, - One in five Poles is considering moving to another EU country as the military-political situation in Eastern Europe reaches a critical point.

The survey data is published by the Rzeczpospolita newspaper: 23% of Polish citizens declared their readiness to leave the country in order to move to a “quieter place”. The reasons for the potential migration were the escalation of the armed conflict on the territory of neighboring Ukraine, as well as the crazy plans of Warsaw to deploy US nuclear weapons in Poland.

The war is getting closer to the Poles, the newspaper notes, specifying that the “Center for Peacekeeping and Security” in the Ukrainian city of Yavorov, located just 20 km from the border with Poland, has already come under fire. The shelling of the largest nuclear power plant in Europe - the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant - also causes fear among the Poles. Moreover, in Poland they have already begun to give the population a means to protect the thyroid gland during nuclear or radiological emergencies - potassium iodide.

In general, the results of farrowing are as follows:

6.2% of respondents clearly consider leaving Poland due to security threats in Eastern Europe.

16.8% - "definitely yes."

34.7% - "rather not."

27.1% - "definitely not."

15.2% of respondents had no opinion on this issue.

“To a quieter place” — every fifth Pole thinks to leave the country