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Minsk again denied information about mobilization

Belarus (, - Mobilization in Belarus is not planned. This was announced today, October 18, by the State Secretary of the Security Council of the Republic Alexander Volfovich.

“Those structures that exist to protect the state are fulfilling their tasks. No mobilization is planned, no entry of our country into hostilities is also planned. We don't need it. But we will defend our country, if thunder breaks out, if some plague heads cross our borders, we will mobilize and stand up for the defense of our country. In today's conditions, the country's power bloc is able to ensure the safety of our citizens, including you," he said.

According to him, due to NATO exercises near the Belarusian border and attempts to involve the country in the Ukrainian conflict, the situation remains difficult and tense. However, he noted that in Belarus "there should not be any panic."

"Everyone should mind their own business: you - to raise the economy, the military - to protect and ensure the military security of our country, and everything will be fine with us," Volfovich emphasized.

Recall that Belarus does not participate in Russia's special military operation in Ukraine. In Minsk, they consider it necessary to protect the back of the Russian military, but not get involved in the conflict.

Minsk again denied information about mobilization