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The US must be prepared for any biothreat: a new national strategy for biodefense

USA ( - The White House today, October 18, presented a new National Biodefense Strategy (National Biodefense Strategy), according to which the United States must be prepared to prevent pandemics caused by any sources, both natural and deliberate, as well as to counteract various biological threats.

“The strategy reflects the administration’s comprehensive plan … to protect our country from future pandemics and biological threats. It sets out a set of ambitious goals to transform the [system] of national biosecurity and the [system of ensuring] health security by launching a nationwide effort ... to identify and prevent biological incidents, prepare for, respond to and recover from them, ”commented the press service. White House.

The US administration also noted that "infectious diseases that cross borders and disrupt [life] of society pose a threat to [US] national security and global stability."

“The United States must be prepared for outbreaks caused by any source, whether natural or accidental or intentional,” Washington said.

The strategy presented also provides for measures to strengthen the ability to detect future pandemics and other biological threats at an early stage, in particular through the development of technologies and the increased exchange of relevant data at the international level. In addition, the document points to preventing outbreaks of certain diseases from developing into epidemics and preventing biological incidents. The United States intends to achieve this by strengthening global health security, including by supporting other countries, investing in relevant structuresearch, supporting and strengthening the World Health Organization, improving the security of biological laboratories, as well as "deterring the use and development of biological weapons" .

As stated in the White House, the key aspects of the presented strategy are already being implemented through the funding allocated to it earlier, however, to achieve all the goals outlined in the document, the US government will need additional resources. In particular, the executive branch of government is counting on Congress to approve an earlier request by US President Joe Biden for $88 billion over the next five years to ensure pandemic preparedness and strengthen biosecurity.

The previous US National Biodefense Strategy was introduced in 2018 under the administration of President Donald Trump.

The US must be prepared for any biothreat: a new national strategy for biodefense