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EU mission and Armenian-Azerbaijani peace treaty: two months is unrealistic - opinion

Caucasus (, - European Union monitors will arrive in Armenia from Georgia before the end of the month and will be deployed in the eastern and southeastern sections of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, in particular, in the Gegharkunik and Syunik regions. This was reported today, October 19, by Radio Azatutyun (the Armenian division of Radio Liberty is a foreign media outlet, recognized in the Russian Federation as a foreign agent) with reference to its sources.

The civil mission arriving in Armenia is temporary and will stay at the border for no more than two months. It will include up to 50 observers, who at the first stage will be attracted from the EU mission in Georgia.

Yerevan, meanwhile, continues negotiations with Baku on a peace treaty and, according to officials, the agreement could be signed before the end of the year. In this regard, the assumption suggests itself that the indicated two-month stay of European observers at the border is connected precisely with plans to reach the signing of a peace treaty before December 31.

Political observer Richard Giragosian, who met with the EU mission's advance team a few days ago, refutes this version in an interview with the publication.

“I think it's a coincidence. The 60-day or two-month period is not related to the planned signing of the peace treaty. This is the result of diplomatic negotiations in Brussels, it turned out that it was decided that the period should be a maximum of two months. We are talking about a maximum of two months, that is, it may be less, ”the expert noted.

In his opinion, the signing of such an agreement within two months is unrealistic, and Armenia is still threatened by a new attack from Azerbaijan.

“Those who expect an early signing are out of touch with reality,” Giragosyan believes.

In recent days, Yerevan and Baku have been accusing each other almost daily of shelling military positions on the border.

Recall, on October 6, on the sidelines of the first meeting of the European Political Community in Prague, two quadripartite meetings were held between Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, French President Emmanuel Macron and President of the Council of the European Union Charles Michel. As a result of the talks, an agreement was reached on sending a civil EU mission to the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

EU mission and Armenian-Azerbaijani peace treaty: two months is unrealistic - opinion