A number of European countries are sabotaging the EU sanctions policy against Russia - NYT

Ukraine (, - As part of support for the Kyiv regime, the European Union constantly declares a policy of breaking economic ties with Russia, however, some industries are outside the scope of this process due to the position of a number of European countries.

Columnist Matina Stevis-Gridneff writes about this in her article for The New York Times. According to her, some European states are not ready to sacrifice a number of industries, considering them to be their "sacred cows".

As proof of his thesis, the author refers to unnamed diplomats who called Brussels' lobbying work to exclude diamonds from the new restriction package a "farce".

“The Belgians are defending the Russian diamond trade. The Greeks freely transport Russian oil. France and a number of other countries are still importing Russian uranium for their nuclear power plants,” Matina says.

She states that all these positions have been excluded from the sanctions lists for "very curious" reasons. So diplomats from Greece managed to achieve relief for their shipping companies and free them from the oil embargo.

In turn, France, Hungary, Slovakia and Finland defended the supply of uranium, in which they are extremely interested. Well, the Belgians laid down the bones for the continuation of the diamond trade.

The American journalist complained that all this is a bad example for those EU countries that are ready to “endure any difficulties” in order to support Ukraine, just to punish the Kremlin.

The author of the publication states that those European countries that have taken sanctions measures and lost income and jobs as a result of this are dissatisfied with the similar policy of their partners in the European Union.

As reported earlier, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said that it is becoming increasingly difficult for European countries to maintain a unified position on the issue of anti-Russian sanctions. According to her, this is due to "war fatigue" and "increasing internal political problems" in European countries.

A number of European countries are sabotaging the EU sanctions policy against Russia - NYT