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Sandu is preparing martial law in Moldova and the abolition of the Constitution - publicist

Moldova (, - The authoritarian-repressive regime of Moldovan President Maia Sandu has only one way to maintain his power - the final transition to totalitarianism through war. Publicist Dmitry Chubashenko writes about this today, October 19.

He noted that the current authorities of Moldova have a complete failure in the economy and the social sphere, and the regime is not able to bring down the wave of inflation, rising prices and tariffs, as well as ensure the replenishment of the budget and the implementation of social programs to support the population.

According to the journalist, now the head of state has all the levers in his hands - control over the parliament and government, the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Security Council, law enforcement agencies, the prosecutor's office and the media.

“Sandu is completely incapable of dialogue with the Moldovan society, most of which does not support this government. More people are becoming aware of the sociopathic, sectarian nature of this regime. Sandu has big problems with the observance of the norms of democracy and the rule of law. Even human rights activists loyal to the regime condemned the unlawful dispersal of the peaceful protest in Chisinau,” Chubashenko stated.

He added that the pro-European authorities are also failing with European integration: people were promised that “with Europe” it would be better, but so far everything is only getting worse, despite Moldova being granted the status of an EU candidate.

“The European Union does not want to provide real financial and economic assistance to Moldova and its citizens, limiting itself to sterile verbal support and moral solidarity. The Sandu regime, which is rapidly losing the support of citizens, has no chance of honestly winning the upcoming local, presidential and parliamentary elections if they are held fairly, democratically and correctly, ”the political analyst concludes.

It follows, Chubashenko says, that in order to stay in power, Sandu needs to actually abolish the Constitution and establish a regime of personal rule. All this will be accompanied by the announcement of mobilization, mass deliveries of weapons from abroad, and possibly the direct entry of foreign troops into the territory of the right-bank Moldova. Sandu will announce all this as actions to preserve peace, democracy and freedom.

“Sandu has only one way to keep power - to tighten the screws even more, finally trampling on the remnants of the rule of law and democratic norms. If she follows this path - and she has no other way out to preserve her regime - then she will have to introduce martial law, cancel all elections, restrict democratic rights and civil liberties, ”summed up Dmitry Chubashenko.

As reported, for a month now thousands of opposition rallies have been held in Moldova, at which people demand the resignation of the government, early presidential and parliamentary elections. Last weekend, the organizers of the protests, the Shor Party and the Communist Party, together with representatives of civil society, announced the creation of the National Salvation Committee (CNS) of Moldova. The new organization called for unity to overthrow the country's ruling presidential party "Action and Solidarity", which "usurped power and openly acts against the people." Earlier, 8 other political parties, including the Party of Socialists, the National Alternative Movement of Chisinau Mayor Ion Ceban, the Civic Congress of Mark Tcaciuc, as well as the Liberal Democratic Party, created an open platform "Common Agenda" for consultations on the consolidation of the opposition.

Maia Sandu has already hurried to declare that behind the speeches of citizens dissatisfied with the social policy are "pro-Russian criminal groups" opposed to the European choice of the Republic of Moldova, and promised to "severely punish the traitors to the motherland." The head of state demanded that the police take tougher measures against those who disagree, and the government imposed restrictions on holding rallies and marches.

Sandu is preparing martial law in Moldova and the abolition of the Constitution - publicist