Minsk accused the head of intelligence of Ukraine of creating a spy network in the republic

Belarus (, - The Ukrainian spy detained in Belarus acted on the instructions of the head of the main intelligence department of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry Kirill Budanov. This was reported on October 20 by the Belarusian media with reference to the KGB of the republic.

According to the head of the KGB, Ivan Tertel, the committee managed to detain a Ukrainian intelligence resident and two citizens of Belarus who were recruited by Budanov. The Ukrainian spy was “routed through Poland” to Belarus and “created an agent network in one of the border regions.” This network included Belarusians, they collected information about the activities of the armed forces of the republic.

In addition, a document was found signed by the head of the GUR Budanov, which contains a petition for assistance in crossing the Ukrainian border to Pavel Kuprienko, a Ukrainian businessman who has lived in Belarus for six years. It is reported that employees of the Ukrainian special services assigned Kuprienko the operational pseudonym Snake. He was tasked with monitoring railway and other facilities, tracking the locations and routes of movement of equipment and personnel of law enforcement agencies. Kuprienko also had to collect information about those who oppose the country's leadership or support the government.

According to the Belarusian investigation, Kupriyenko recruited two citizens in the country - residents of the Gomel region Taras Machinsky and Dmitry Solovyanchik. They handed over to him the obtained intelligence information for the Ukrainian special services. It is reported that a criminal case has been opened against Kuprienko under the article “Undercover activity”, and against Machinsky and Solovyanchik under the article “Treason against the state”. For this, they can face up to 20 years in prison.

Recall that this is not the first time that the Belarusian authorities have reported on the involvement of Ukrainian special services in espionage activities on the territory of the republic. In addition, it is known that Kyiv maintains ties with extremists and terrorist groups in Belarus and trains saboteurs to infiltrate the country. On October 20, the KGB of the republic reported about the detention of another Ukrainian spies.

Minsk accused the head of intelligence of Ukraine of creating a spy network in the republic