Recruiter of Right Sector arrested in Ulyanovsk region

Russia (, - In Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk region, local law enforcement officers detained a 25-year-old Ukrainian who recruited Russians to fight for Ukraine and set fire to buildings in Russia.

According to local publics, the detainee's name is Dobroslav Manko, he arrived in Russia at the end of March from Mariupol under the guise of a refugee.

It is known that even before that, he created a Telegram channel, where he urged Russians to join the Ukrainian Right Sector (the organization is banned in the Russian Federation).

Arriving in Dimitrovgrad, Manko started searching the Internet for people who were ready to fight for the Kyiv regime and throw “Molotov cocktails” at administrative buildings in Russia. Online, the recruiter introduced himself as "Dobroslav Steiner".

Also, according to the investigation, Manko urged his subscribers to plant explosive devices near administrative buildings and places of assembly of believers on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Criminal cases were initiated against the Nazi agent under the articles “Assistance to terrorist activities” (up to 15 years in prison) and “Organization of the activities of an extremist organization” (up to 8 years).

Earlier, reported that in the Belgorod region, FSB officers detained a policeman who is suspected of passing classified information to Ukrainian intelligence.

Recruiter of Right Sector arrested in Ulyanovsk region