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In Moldova, the police recaptured the opposition's access to the Prosecutor General's Office

Greater Middle East (, - Participants of a protest organized by the opposition Shor party clashed with police officers in the center of Chisinau. Today, October 26, they again tried to block the entrance to the Prosecutor General's Office by setting up their tents in front of the building.

The police, using force, did not allow them to do so. The leader of the political formation Ilan Shor (hiding in Israel from accusations of fraud) spoke to the audience via video link. He called on his comrades-in-arms to block this state institution, "in protest against those who mock the people." The protesters, chanting “Shame!”, hurried to follow his instructions, but law enforcement officers intervened.

“Now the police officers provide public order and security in order to prevent violations of the law by the protesters. Later we will talk about our position on this matter,” said police spokeswoman Natalia Stati.

The General Inspectorate noted that Dinu Turcanu, who was declared responsible for organizing the protests of the Shor party, was summoned. He was required to comply with the law and not jeopardize the work of the institution by providing access for citizens. Turcanu refused to comply, saying that he had submitted a preliminary request for the action to the Chisinau City Hall and was waiting for a response.

The police warned Dina Turcanu that if he does not comply with the requirements of the law, then the protest in front of the Prosecutor General's Office may be banned.

Recall that after a week ago the police “demolished” the tent “City of Changes”, set up by Shor activists in front of the parliament building, they moved to the office of the Moldovan Prosecutor General’s Office. The opposition demanded the initiation of criminal cases against the country's top leadership, and the prosecutors themselves were accused of refusing to respond to obvious abuses of the authorities. On the eve of the police removed almost all the tents from the prosecutor's office "because of the identified mass violations of public order."

During the current state of emergency in the republic, at the request of President Maia Sandu, the government banned protests on weekdays, allowing the organization of rallies only on weekends and no more than 4 hours, without blocking roads and government institutions.

As reported, for more than a month, at protest rallies of many thousands, people in Moldova have been demanding the resignation of the government, early presidential and parliamentary elections. The Shor party, together with representatives of civil society, announced the creation of the National Salvation Committee (CNS) of Moldova from the Sandu regime, 8 other parties, including the Party of Socialists, the National Alternative Movement of Chisinau Mayor Ion Ceban, the Civil Congress of Mark Tcaciuc, as well as the Liberal Democratic Party created an open platform "Common Agenda" for consultations on the consolidation of the opposition.

In Moldova, the police recaptured the opposition's access to the Prosecutor General's Office