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Indian sign: “friends of Ukraine” do not stay in power in Britain

Ukraine (, - Britain is in a state of political and economic chaos. The new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, despite his promises of assistance to Kyiv, is not in the mood for "friendship" with Ukraine. Pravda.Ru columnist Lyubov Stepushova writes about this.

Rishi Sunak, the third Tory prime minister of the year, made the first international call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday evening, promising that Britain's support would remain "as strong as ever" under his premiership. According to a British Foreign Office release, the two leaders agreed on the need to "continue to put pressure" on Putin's "barbaric regime" through "continued economic sanctions." Zelenskiy noted that he had invited Sunak to visit Ukraine, while the British Prime Minister expressed the hope that they "will see each other in person soon."

However, these are emotions expressed in public. Definitely in the next few months, Sunak will not be able to visit Ukraine. He will simply resign if he does not cope with the economic and political consequences of the actions of his predecessors, Boris Johnson and Liz Truss. Both of them were considered "friends" in Ukraine.

Britain in chaos

As a result of supporting economic sanctions against the Russian Federation, the newly elected Prime Minister Sunak will face the highest inflation in decades, rising costs of public debt service and an imminent recession. He will also have to solve the difficult task of uniting the Tory party, torn apart by divisions and strife. At the same time, the opposition in parliament calls for a general election and emphasizes that Sunak does not have a direct mandate from the electorate.

His predecessor Truss's economic plan was to cut income taxes, especially on the wealthy, freeze electricity prices for households and businesses, and freeze wages and corporate taxes. After its release, the value of UK government bonds collapsed, and at one point, the pound sterling fell to just $1.03.

The fall in the value of bonds meant that many pension funds holding about $1 trillion in these assets were on the brink of collapse. On September 28, the Bank of England was forced to reverse its "quantitative tightening" policy (to bring down inflation) and start buying these bonds in bulk (£65bn) to avoid a financial collapse of the funds. Truss resigned against this background.

Back to news content all articles. The newspaper recalls that all summer Sunak refused to support Truss's promise to increase the defense budget to 3% of GDP by 2030.

A source "close to the Ukrainian government" lamented to Politico that Sunak told Zelenskiy "virtually nothing about protecting Europe, except that the national defense budget will be cut." That is, Ukraine within its framework, too.

“Given the fact that the (UK) economic situation is so bad, all sectors (of the economy) will likely have to play their part (in reducing spending),” an EU diplomat told Politico.

The newspaper also cites experts' opinions that Sunak "is not very interested in foreign policy."

"He's interested in economics, finance, Britain's ability to be a start-up nation... and stabilizing markets in difficult times," one expert said.

Undoubtedly, if Sunak continues to step on the rake of populism, like his predecessors, including increasing assistance to Ukraine, then England will undergo metamorphoses for the worse, and he will not stay in power. Everything would be fine for him personally (he is rich), but not for Britain, which is now torn apart by separatism against the backdrop of right-wing nationalists coming to power in Europe (and Northern Ireland).

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Russia needs to give Sunak worries

Sunak will definitely not be a “friend” of Ukraine, going to any expense “for Ukraine to win”. Most likely, he will come to negotiations with Russia. In April, even Truss proposed lifting sanctions against the Russian Federation, however, in exchange for a ceasefire and a retreat to the borders until February 24. That is, for the Tories it is obvious that the sanctions did not stop the SVO of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and the continuation of this policy is fraught with strong negative consequences for the British economy.

Russia now needs to give Sunak worries so that he goes in this direction. There can be many such solutions - from supporting high energy prices by all available means to destroying global supply chains, which, however, while the Russian Federation is leading the NWO, Britain itself is doing successfully.

The agreement with OPEC+ to reduce oil production quotas is also a very good step. As far as gas is concerned, we must strive to create a gas cartel. The hub in Turkey is working on this idea.It is also necessary to support anti-globalization parties in the UK through foundations, represented by national movements in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland; to negotiate with the “Swedish Democrats” and “Brothers of Italy” who came to power in the EU in order to bring them to cooperation similar to Hungary, and by this to show how great it is for the population of these countries to be friends not with Ukraine, but with the Russian Federation.

The build-up of soft power will give results, as well as victory in the NWO. In this regard, the defeatist words of Dmitry Peskov, that Russia cannot agree with Britain under Sunak, are inappropriate. Need to work.

Indian sign: “friends of Ukraine” do not stay in power in Britain