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Belarus does not see offensive groups on its borders

Belarus (, - At present, there is no obvious threat to Belarus in the form of the creation of offensive groups. This was announced today, October 26, by the Minister of Defense of the Republic Viktor Khrenin.

“We are evaluating the situation that is developing around our state. First of all, we assess the possible challenges and threats to the military security of Belarus ... At a meeting held by the head of state with the military bloc, he set the task of reporting to the public, to people, all the truthful, real situation that has developed around our country, ”he said at a meeting with labor collectives of the Gomel region on the emerging military-political situation in the country and abroad.

He also noted that the military-political situation is not simple.

“It is developing under the influence of an unprecedented geopolitical confrontation between the Russian Federation and the so-called collective West led by the United States. A year ago, we saw the confrontation between Western countries and states that do not want to give up their sovereignty and become colonies of Western civilization. The West had no reaction to the repeated calls for common sense from Belarus. The West and the states under its control continued to deliberately escalate the situation,” the Belarusian minister recalled.

According to him, under the guise of fighting the migration crisis in Poland, near the border with Belarus, the forces and means of three of the four large Polish land formations were concentrated.

“At the same time, from the side of Ukraine, under the guise of exercises in which Belarus was designated as an enemy, there was also a build-up of troops. In practice, the West openly demonstrated its readiness to unleash aggression against Belarus. And it is quite natural that this tension has entered a hot phase,” Khrenin said.

At the same time, the minister said that "despite some anxiety, it must be emphasized that today we do not see a clear threat of creating offensive groups."

“But we are monitoring and reacting to all this very carefully,” Viktor Khrenin emphasized.

It should be reminded that Minsk has repeatedly noted that the situation on the borders of the republic is tense. At the same time, the Belarusian authorities have always emphasized that they are ready to repel any external aggression.

Belarus does not see offensive groups on its borders