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Russia protested against being denied access to events in Italy

USA (, - Moscow is outraged by the fact that Italy has withdrawn an invitation previously sent to Russia to the meeting of the Operational Experts Group (GEOV) of the Initiative to Combat the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction of Mass Destruction (PSI) that opens today, October 26, in Rome. In this regard, Russia expressed a strong protest. This is stated in a widespread comment by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

The Russian Foreign Ministry pointed out that Russia, along with Italy, is a full member of the GEOV and takes an active part in its activities aimed at working out the legal and practical aspects of interaction between the PSI member states in the fight against WMD proliferation.

“For many years, we have been defending the principles that are fundamental for the effectiveness of the PSI and maintaining its legitimacy: first of all, the Initiative is not directed against any countries, the admissibility of intercepting the relevant cargo strictly in compliance with the norms of international law and the national legislation of the participants, in the presence of reliable information on the illegal transportation of WMD materials and with the consent of the flag state,” Zakharova stressed.

She noted that such a "step by Rome is regarded as unfriendly," according to her, "this is another provocative attack against Russia."

“By removing our experts from participating in the event, Italy grossly violated its authority, completely undermined its credibility, signed its unwillingness to conscientiously and impartially perform chairmanship functions and organize multilateral events,” the commentary says.

It emphasizes that "such actions, which appear to be an attempt to 'isolate' our country, are unacceptable and destructive."

“They clearly confirm that, through the hands of Italy, the United States and NATO as a whole are striving to reconfigure the tools of the Initiative, as well as other multilateral mechanisms in the field of nonproliferation, to solve their own problems. For this group of states that imagine themselves to be the “supreme arbiters” in international affairs, non-proliferation is nothing more than a front for settling political scores and covering up their own aspirations to maintain global dominance, ”Zakharova said.

Russia hereby completely distances itself from any understandings and agreements that may be reached by the participating States of the Rome event. We also proceed from the fact that the course taken by the West to politicize the work of the PSI, in principle, casts doubt on the legitimacy of all activities within the framework of the Initiative, the Russian Foreign Ministry informed.

“Along with this, we emphasize the unchanging commitment of the Russian Federation to the cause of nonproliferation, the readiness to make a significant contribution to the achievement of relevant goals in cooperation with those partners who are really interested in this,” the diplomat concluded.

Russia protested against being denied access to events in Italy