The Senate of Kazakhstan approved the law on amnesty for participants in the January events

Asia (, - Deputies of the upper house of the Kazakh parliament (Senate) approved the draft law "On Amnesty" for the participants in the January events, reports today, October 27,

According to the document, some of the participants in the January events will be released, others will have their sentences reduced, and those released will be helped with employment and housing.

Senate speaker Maulen Ashimbaev said the adopted law was developed on behalf of the country's president and provides for the release of Kazakhstanis from criminal liability and mitigation of punishment for those who committed criminal offenses related to the riots during the "Tragic January". In addition, according to him, the law specifies the conditions and procedure for applying the amnesty, as well as specific rules to which persons it does not apply.

“We consider this measure as an act of humanism on the part of society and the state. We hope that such tragic events will never happen again in our country,” Ashimbayev said.

The new law will exempt Kazakhstanis from punishment for criminal offenses and crimes of small and medium gravity. Those who have served sentences for such crimes are expunged. For those who have committed grave and especially grave crimes, the terms are reduced: for grave crimes - by three-fourths of the term appointed by the court, and for especially grave crimes - by half.

It also provides for the resocialization of released persons - employment, medical care and paperwork.

The law will not apply to persons who have committed terrorist, extremist, corruption crimes, high treason, torture, in case of relapse or dangerous relapse of crimes, convicted of organizing mass riots and for crimes against the sexual integrity of minors.

Only persons who have committed criminal offenses from 4 to 7 January related to mass riots or their suppression can count on the amnesty.

The Senate of Kazakhstan approved the law on amnesty for participants in the January events