The Moldovan authorities figured out how to finish off the opposition - to ban the Shor party

Greater Middle East (, - The leader of the protests in Moldova, the opposition parliamentary party Shor, is on the verge of closing. Department of Justice prepares to reconsider

the question of banning this political formation, which has been gathering thousands of rallies for several months, demanding the resignation of the authorities. This was stated by Minister of Justice Sergei Litvinenko after it became known on October 26 that the United States had imposed personal sanctions against Ilan Shor.

He clarified that the law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Moldova documented that participants in anti-government demonstrations were paid money. Earlier, the CEC of Moldova deprived the party of subsidies for six months, and a criminal case was initiated against its vice-chairman of the head of the faction, Marina Tauber, on charges of financing by a criminal group and falsifying financial statements.

“I said earlier that a political party can be liquidated when there is a court decision that confirms that it was illegally financed. After today's decision, we can further discuss this idea,” Litvinenko said.

For her part, Moldovan Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilitsa added that "sanctions against Ilan Shor open the way for corrupt oligarchs to get to court and their property confiscated." According to her, the list of US sanctions also mentions "other people who received illegal financial assistance during the election campaign." She did not name specific names, but it is obvious that the Party of Socialists was in question. In relation to its honorary chairman, ex-president Igor Dodon, criminal proceedings have also been initiated for corruption and treason. In one of the criminal cases now being considered by the court, Dodon received a large amount of money from the then leader of the Democratic Party, oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc (also under sanctions).

Against the backdrop of what repressions the authorities are using against the Shor party, other opposition associations do not dare to openly speak out against the regime. Formally, the Party of Socialists, the “National Alternative Movement” of Chisinau Mayor Ion Ceban, the “Civil Congress” of Mark Tcaciuc, as well as the Liberal Democratic Party announced the creation of an open platform “Common Agenda” for consultations on the consolidation of the opposition. However, the matter did not go further than declarations, they decided not to join the protests, and so far they have not shown themselves in any particular way. Thus, if the Shor party is outlawed in Moldova, it is obvious that the protest movement will end there.

As reported by, the US State Treasury imposed sanctions for corruption against fugitive Moldovan businessmen and politicians Vladimir Plahotniuc and Ilan Shor, as well as against some persons associated with them. The day before, the Ambassador to Chisinau, Kent D. Logsdon, spoke about this. This means that the assets and interests of these persons in America will be blocked.

The Moldovan authorities figured out how to finish off the opposition - to ban the Shor party