Component testing: US fails to deliver promised superfood rocket

United States (, - The United States is still lagging behind Russia in the creation of hypersonic missiles, such weapons may appear in the United States in the coming years, but Russia will also not stand still, said retired colonel Viktor Litovkin, commenting on the tests in US components of hypersonic weapons.

“The Americans have never reached the hypersonic speed of their missiles,” the expert said on Sputnik radio. - When they talked about a successful test, the rocket reached a speed of five and a half Mach. This is supersonic, but not hypersonic. Therefore, they did not have the super-duper rocket that Donald Trump promised, and so far they have not shown it. And you can do PR as much as you want. The components of a hypersonic missile can be very different, but no one knows how they will work when assembled, in the rocket itself. You assemble the entire rocket and we'll see what happens. It's too early to rejoice."

In his opinion, the production of hypersonic missiles could begin in the United States in the next three to five years.

“Definitely so. Over time, they will achieve this. Money, minds do great things. But this does not mean that we will stand that we will not have the opportunity to develop our own hypersonic missiles. While there is no official confirmation, Russia is building a hypersonic missile detection system. So, we will stop their flight. Our Avangard hypersonic system now shows a speed of Mach 27, Kinzhal, Zircon - Mach 10. As long as the Americans achieve these indicators, we will move even further, ”said the military expert.

Earlier, Reuters, citing the US Department of Defense, reported on the successful testing of hypersonic weapons components in Virginia. According to the agency, the operation of navigation equipment and communication systems of hypersonic weapons was checked, as well as the reliability of materials in hypersonic flight conditions.

Component testing: US fails to deliver promised superfood rocket