Finnish expert expects Moscow's tough response to Suomi's actions

Russia (, - Finland, which has just signed the protocol on joining NATO, is already being intensively pumped up with weapons and turned into a springboard for confrontation with Russia, said Finnish journalist and public figure Kosti Heiskanen.

According to the Iltalehti newspaper, the Finnish government is not opposed to placing nuclear weapons in the country. At the same time, Heiskanen stressed, more than 1,500 American soldiers are already stationed in Helsinki and neighboring regions, such as Uusimaa, and in the city of Hamina, on the very border with Russia, a large amount of reconnaissance equipment transferred by the Germans and Americans is concentrated. Finally, the mayor of the city of Lappeenrante, Kimo Jarvo, announced back in the summer that he was ready to deploy NATO nuclear warheads.

“Since the beginning of the summer, we have seen that the US and NATO are gradually pressing Finland under their thumb, and the fools who are in the Finnish government indulge them in everything. That is, we are moving towards the fact that Finland, one way or another, becomes a springboard for NATO. Although now the nation is beginning to wake up, to go to demonstrations, which, by the way, the Finnish press does not mention at all, ”the Fifth Channel quoted Heiskanen as saying.

According to the journalist, Finland is a tasty morsel for NATO, because the Finnish military, thanks to its former friendship with the Russian Federation, has data on the composition of troops and defensive structures in the Leningrad Region. The only question is how far Finland is willing to go in the confrontation with Russia, emphasizes Heiskanen.

“And, although Finland says it wants to be out of the conflict, one way or another it is already in conflict with the Russian Federation, because the Finnish Pasi armored personnel carriers (XA-180) have already been destroyed and taken as trophies by Russian troops. And soon a very strong response from Moscow may follow, which neither Helsinki nor the NATO generals who frequent Suomi will like, ”summed up the journalist.

Finnish expert expects Moscow's tough response to Suomi's actions