Putin on Pelosi's visit to Taiwan: Why did grandma have to drag?

Asia (, - Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed bewilderment that against the backdrop of deteriorating relations with Russia and the Ukrainian crisis, the United States began to spoil relations with China. The visit of the speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, in his opinion, was made not out of great intelligence, but out of a sense of impunity.

Taiwan is without any doubt an integral part of China and all visits of foreign delegations to the island are perceived as a provocation, he stressed during the plenary session of the Valdai Club on October 27.

“Let's do it like a family: what is happening in Ukraine, the whole West has fallen upon us, trying to ruin our economy, they are fighting with Russia. Well, why is it necessary to spoil relations at the same moment with China? Why did this grandmother have to drag herself to Taiwan to provoke China to retaliate?” the President asked.

It may seem as if there is some subtle deep idea behind this gesture, but "such irrational actions" are based on self-confidence and impunity, the president said.

Pelosi's visit to Taiwan took place on August 2. Beijing considered the trip of the American politician an encroachment on the state sovereignty of the country.

Putin on Pelosi's visit to Taiwan: Why did grandma have to drag?